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So today, October 16,2018, I walked on the train starting my first underground performance when me and my older sister came across this very disrespectful man. At first, he moved carts because he didn’t want to hear me sing and hey I’m not knocking him for that. Everybody doesn’t have to listen. But the underground platform is MY STAGE. So, I go from cart to cart bringing various people joy on their way to wherever they have to go. As we moved to the second cart where this man had just gone my sister places my speaker down and sits next to him. He then to turns to her and says (mind you I have begun to sing already) , “you fucking stupid black bitch I don’t want to Hear her dumbass sing”. As a professional I continued my song until the end and collected my donations. As I was walking through the people he proceeded to bother me by calling me Stupid, a bitch, and telling me to get off the train. I only began to record after he was quiet. I just had to post this to video to show you guys what I have to deal with on a daily. GOD IS GREAT AND HE WILL PROTECT ME FROM EVIL. People like this will NEVER stop me from being JUST SAM. I will continue to share my gift.


The Hercules Cluster, Messier 12! This photo was taken to show all of this cluster, not a close up on its stars.
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Photo by : Adam Block/Sid Leach/Mount Lemmon SkyCenter/University of Arizona
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